The Bowling Green community adheres to rigorous standards of environmental sustainability, and is a provider of reliable and renewable utilities. All energy consumers within the community receive 40% of their energy from a renewable source, and both large and small businesses receive special rebates and energy and cost saving assistance through the City Efficiency Smart Program.

Through programs with Ohio Means Jobs, Bowling Green employers offer On-the-Job Training to paid participants while engaged in productive work, providing knowledge and skills essential to the full and adequate performance of that job and reimburses employers for the costs associated with the training.

In addition, incumbent worker trainings are also provided to benefit local businesses and industry by assisting the skill development of existing employees, thereby averting layoff, increasing employee productivity and company growth.

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Bowling Green is an exceptionally good position to meet the infrastructure needs of businesses.


We work closely with other groups and organizations in our area to help meet the development needs of businesses locating in Bowling Green, Ohio.