Require / Exhaust All Means Before Shooting

Require Warning Before Shooting

Policy does require a warning, wherever feasible. This is addressed in Policy 3-6-3, which covers the U.S. Supreme Court Case Tennessee v. Garner.

Exhaust All Means Before Shooting

The division's policies and training cover various options to de-escalate a situation, if possible, and to only use the amount of force necessary to control and/or neutralize the situation. Policy 3-6-1 Use of Reasonable Force specifically addresses the concept of preclusion. "Preclusion-Non-deadly and Deadly Response Standard: Have all reasonable options at that time and at that place and under those circumstances been reasonably exhausted?" see Policy 361.

It may not be possible and it is not reasonable to require an officer to exhaust all other means prior to shooting in every situation. Officers must determine the appropriate force to use based upon the subject's actions. This force must be consistent with the law and policy (Policy 361) and is the focus of continual training.