Utility Business Office


The Utility Business Office is responsible for the billing of electric, water, and sewer services. Our goal is to efficiently provide the best value in electric, water, and sewer services in Northwest Ohio by keeping costs down, providing excellent customer service and ensuring accurate and timely utility billing services.

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Utility Bill Inserts

Native Plants Stormwater Insert - May 2023 (PDF)
New Building Insert and Building Layout - June 2023 (PDF)
Extreme Heat Insert - July 2023 (PDF)
Back Flow Prevention Insert - August 2023 (PDF)
Extreme Cold Utility Insert Brochure - January 2024 (PDF)
Harris ACE Utility Insights Program & Account Setup Instructions (PDF)

Renters & Tenants

If you are considering renting an apartment served by Bowling Green Municipal Utilities (electric, water, and sewer) the cost of utilities may or may not be included in your rent payment. If the renter is responsible for paying the utilities for the apartment, you can request a 12 month average utility cost including the lowest and highest cost in a 12 month period for the apartment. This may provide you with additional information regarding the potential cost of the apartment. While we cannot provide you with personal account information or payment history of the current tenant, we can provide the cost information associated with the apartment.

Contacting Utility Business Office

When contacting the Utility Business Office for utility cost average, please state the following request:

I am requesting the 12 month average utility cost and the lowest month and highest month utility cost during that 12 month period for the apartment at (Address).

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