2014 Future Land Use Update

City Council approved Resolution 3547 supporting the update to the Future Land Use Section of the Comprehensive Plan on October 20, 2014, with minor revisions.  Thank you to the community, steering committee, consultants, staff, and all of those investing time and input in the process!

The City is continuing ongoing efforts to work with public and private partnerships to implement goals and recommendations of the plan. Citizen efforts and ideas are appreciated, as the City looks at implementation.

The City sponsored a public educational workshop titled "We have a plan, now what?" On Saturday, September 19, 2015 at the Wood County Public Library. Kirby Date, a community planner, reviewed best land use practices and potential ordinance revisions that will facilitate implementation of the Future Land Use Plan. The Workshop Presentation (PDF) by Ms. Date is also available for viewing. In addition, we recommend reviewing the Brief Review and Update of the Land Use Plan (PDF) that was presented prior to introducing Ms. Date. For additional information visit the Ohio Balanced Growth Program website.

History of the 2014 Land Use Update

For history about the Land Use Plan please review the following:

Data Collection by Consultant