Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for the following activities:

  • Refuse and recycling collection
  • Special collections
  • Licenses and Bonds (concrete sidewalks, plumbing, rubbish)
  • Curb Cut, Demolition and Excavation permitting
  • Street, alley and parking lot repair
  • Street and parking lot striping
  • Street cleaning/sweeping
  • Snow removal
  • Dead animal removal (for animals hit in the public right-of-way, does not include pets)
  • Oak Grove Cemetery care and maintenance
  • Grass mowing for all City property
  • Repair and replacement of street signs
  • Work with City Arborist on City tree maintenance
  • Facilities Maintenance

Weed Complaints

Call 419-352-1131 to register a complaint about high weeds in your neighborhood. The complaint will be investigated by the Civil Enforcement Section of the Bowling Green Police Division.