Snow Removal Guidelines

The City will commit its resources and personnel to address snow removal from the beginning of snowfall until all City roadways are cleared.

The City of Bowling Green Public Works Division is responsible for clearing snow and ice from City streets, alleys, municipal parking lots and buildings. The City is prepared to respond to winter weather conditions and will work quickly to clear the roadways. The application of salt and/or brine is used to minimize icy roadways and assist in melting the snow.

City operated plow trucks will push snow out of the roadway as soon as snowfall begins. The first priority for plowing is given to the City's main arterial streets. Once the storm abates and conditions improve, the snowplows widen all streets by moving the accumulated snow to the curb line and clearing intersections.

For more information, review the Snow Removal Brochure (PDF).

Snow Removal Complaints (Public Sidewalks Only)

Call 419-352-1131 to register a complaint about snow covered sidewalks in your area. By City ordinance, property owners have 24 hours after a snow storm to remove snow from sidewalks. The complaint will be investigated by the Civil Enforcement Section of the Bowling Green Police Division.