Mailboxes & Snow Removal

Diagram illustrating mailbox placement for correct usage with Postal VehiclesMailbox Preparedness Check

Late each Fall, the City of Bowling Green reminds residents to check their mailbox alongside the roadway to ensure it will be sturdy enough to handle winter weather and roadway snow removal operations. Check the mailbox for rotten or leaning posts, cracked sections or general overall poor condition that needs attention. This will help the mailbox withstand snow or ice being removed from the roadway.

If a properly positioned mailbox, (usually 6 to 8 inches behind the face of curb or edge of pavement) meeting United States Postal Service requirements, is struck by City snow removal equipment due to non-weather related causes, the City will either repair or replace the mailbox. The City shall not pay more than a maximum rate for a replacement. The City reserves the right to make a determination on a case by case basis.

Who is Responsible?

The City is not responsible for damage to mailboxes located in the City right-of-way which are damaged as a result of snow and/or ice or any other object dispersed from the snow plow blade during street clearing of snow by City crews.

Mailboxes should not overhang any curb nor pavement surfaces used as part of the travel lanes. If a mailbox is improperly positioned as per United States Postal Service requirements and/or overhanging the curb or edge of pavement and is struck by the City plow, the city is not responsible for damage.

It is the responsibility of the property owners of each mailbox to remove snow/ice to ensure mail delivery.

For More Information

Please visit the United States Postal Service website for more information on the mailbox installation and maintenance guidelines.