Bowling Green Offers Connection

Whether by road, train, or plane, we are your perfect access to the world markets. Situated on the longest north-south interstate, Interstate 75, and minutes away from the longest east-west interstate, Interstate 80, Bowling Green provides easy access to tap into transportation infrastructure.

Air travel is easily accessible in Bowling Green. Air travel is available from our local airport and I-75 offers quick access to the Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) featuring daily non-stop flights to Tokyo, London, Shanghai, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.

In addition, Wood County features a state-of-the-art Intermodal Freight Facility taking double-stacked container freight to world markets via east and west coast ports.

Connection Statistics

Bowling Green is a prime location for connecting your industry to the world market.

CityDistance by TruckHours
Atlanta, Georgia642 miles / 1033 kilometers9 hours 36 minutes
Chicago, Illinois253 miles / 407 kilometers4 hours
Cincinnati, Ohio183 miles / 195 kilometers2 hours 48 minutes
Cleveland, Ohio126 miles / 203 kilometers2 hours
Columbus, Ohio122 miles / 196 kilometers2 hours 6 minutes
Dayton, Ohio162 miles / 261 kilometers2 hours 57 minutes
Detroit, Michigan83 miles / 134 kilometers1 hour 21 minutes
Indianapolis, Indiana213 miles / 342 kilometers3 hours 22 minutes
Nashville, Tennessee455 miles / 732 kilometers6 hours 56 minutes
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania241 miles / 387 kilometers3 hours 37 minutes
St. Louis, Missouri455 miles / 732 kilometers6 hours 56 minutes
Toronto, Ontario313 miles / 503 kilometers5 hours

International Airports

  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Toledo, Ohio

Ports of Ohio & Foreign Trade Zones

  • City of Columbus - FTZ 138
  • City of Findlay - FTZ 151
  • CSX North Baltimore - Henry, Ohio
  • Norfolk Southern Columbus - Columbus, Ohio
  • Port of Cincinnati - FTZ 46
  • Port of Cleveland - FTZ 70
  • Port of Toledo - FTZ 8