What renewable energy resources does the City provide to my home?

About 40% of the energy delivered to all Bowling Green customers comes from a renewable resource (wind, solar, or hydro). As a comparison, 3% of generation in the State of Ohio came from a renewable resource in 2019 and 19% of generation in the United States came from a renewable resource in 2020. By law, the Board of Public Utilities and the Utilities Department is responsible for serving the electric needs of our entire community. Since the mid-1990's, Bowling Green has contracted to purchase energy from multiple generating projects.

Bowling Green has been a leader throughout the region in diversifying the sources of that electricity from traditional generating resources. When a customer installs rooftop solar, it is possible that the rooftop solar will offset a portion of the City's renewable energy resources. A customer's rooftop solar energy does not alleviate the City's obligation to purchase energy from other power supply contracts.

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1. What renewable energy resources does the City provide to my home?
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