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  1. Citizen's Comment
  1. Unlawful Discrimination: Online Reporting Form

    The City of Bowling Green has Unlawful Discrimination regulations in areas of employment, business, education, housing, and government... More…

Police Department

  1. Bicycle Registration
  2. Contact Survey
  3. Crime Tip

    If you are reporting a crime that is in progress please call the Dispatch Center at 419-352-1131. The submissions below are not... More…

  4. Golf Cart and USV Inspection Request,,

  5. Property Office
  6. Recruiting
  1. Citizen's Outreach Program Application

    Citizen's Outreach Program Application

  2. Contact Us

    Do not use this form to request police services. For police service, call the Bowling Green Police Department Dispatch Center at... More…

  3. Deer Kill Contact Registration
  4. Parking Ticket Challenge
  5. Records Request

Utilities Department

  1. EcoSmart Choice Application
  2. MUNI-PAL Donation Form

    The MUNI-PAL program was developed by The Salvation Army in cooperation with the City of Bowling Green as a way for customers to help... More…

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  2. Start a Service