Major Employers

Largest Industries Served by BG Utilities

Manufacturer Number of Employees
Vehtek 764
CMC Group, Inc. Affiliates 220
Cooper Seal Plant 240
Toledo Molding & Die 285
Principle Business Enterprises 260
Betco 230
GKN Driveline 221
Apio 150
SEC 115
Regal Beloit 200

Largest Employers served by BG Utilities

Company Number of Employees
Bowling Green State University 1,974 (FT)
Wood County Government 1,000 (FT & PT)
Wood County Hospital 770 (FT & PT)
Vehtek 764
Ohio (State) Govt. Offices 386
CMC Group, Inc. Affiliates 220
Bowling Green City School District 284 (FT)
Walmart 300
City of Bowling Green 273 (FT)
Toledo Molding & Die 285
Principle Business Enterprises 270
Cooper 240
GKN Driveline 221
Betco 230
Apio 150
Marathon Special Products 161
Regal 200

Cost of Doing Business

Ohio has made tax reform a priority. Business tax burdens have been lowered by more than half through eliminating taxes on inventory, corporate income and investments in equipment.

Ohio is ranked third in the nation for the friendliest tax environment by Ernst & Young (May, 2011). In their state-by-state comparison of tax liabilities only Maine and Oregon scored a better ranking than Ohio’s 4.4% on the lowest effective tax rate on new investment. Neighboring states came in at 7.2% for Michigan and 6.8% for Indiana.

Ohio eliminated corporate income and franchise taxes. There are no taxes on new machinery and equipment. If your business holds inventory in Ohio, it’s completely tax free.

Ohio doesn’t impose a tax on goods or services sold outside of our state. If you ship 100% of your product outside of Ohio, your Commercial Activities Tax (CAT) is zero.

City Income Tax 2.0%

Bowling Green City Schools Income Tax 0.5%

Sales & Use 6.75% State & Wood County

Real Property

Residential/Agricultural Rate 55.829202/$1,000 (Valuation: 35%)

Commercial/Industrial Rate 62.059425/$1,000 (Valuation: 35%)

Individual & Employer Forms



Bowling Green 31,588 *
Wood County 129,730 *

* Based on 2009-11 American Community Survey 3-Year Estimates

Detailed information on Civilian Labor Force Estimates

Civilian Labor Force Estimates

May 2018

Location CIF EMP Unemp Rate
Toledo MSA 316,000 293,800 22,700 7.2
Wood County 70,800 68,100 2,600 3.7
Bowling Green City 15,600 14,800 800 4.9