Bowling Green is an exceptionally good position
to meet the infrastructure needs of businesses.


There are numerous advantages for businesses locating in Bowling Green, Ohio: location, demographics, and economic development resources.


The city of Bowling Green, Ohio is home to an experienced and productive
workforce, ready to work and prepared for the future.

Quality Of Life

The city of Bowling Green, Ohio offers quality living with an historic downtown, exceptional parks and many more benefits all year-around.


Bowling Green, Ohio’s location offers easy access to highway,
rail, shipping and airline transportation.


Bowling Green, Ohio is home to quality K-12 schools and a state university,
and near to many more quality educational institutions and resources.

Business Friendly

Bowling Green, Ohio’s many civic organizations and supportive
government offices provide a good environment for business.


Bowling Green, Ohio is ready and organized to make building
a business as efficient as possible.